Bethany Hamilton: Attacked by a shark, she now transmits hope in Jesus

The surfer Bethany hamilton has become an inspiration to millions of people by sharing her story of determination, faith and hope.

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À the age of thirteen, Bethany lost his left arm in a shark attack. While surfing, a 4-meter tiger shark took off her arm. Without the intervention of her friends and help, Bethany would have died on the beach from a hemorrhage. She has indeed lost 60% of her blood. But the very young teenager knows Jesus, she entrusted her life to him when she was only 5 years old. And when the emergency services transport her to the hospital, her condition was alarming, but a paramedic whispers in her ear the most beautiful exhortation:

"God will never leave you, he will not abandon you"

In this critical moment, Bethany is in peace and quiet. She trusts in the Lord and believes in his faithfulness. While she could have died that day, the girl got up. While the accident should have put an end to the dreams of this rising surf star, Bethany returns to the water just 1 month after the attack.

Two years later, she won her first national title. In 2007, she will turn professional. She now competes with the best surfers in the world in international competitions.

Her story and her unwavering faith in Jesus have traveled the world. She runs a charitable foundation, Friends of Bethany, which gives hope to amputees and young people, offering them hope to overcome their trials with Jesus Christ.

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