Bella: A delicate, subtle and realistic film on the theme of unwanted pregnancy

It is a small cinematographic nugget, hailed in 2006 by the Toronto International Film Festival where the film won the Audience Award, and which had unexpected success around the world at the time, except in France curiously, where it had never been released until SAJE Distribution decided to release it this month on DVD and VOD.

The director is none other than Alejandro Monteverde, who signed his first intimate feature film there, a few years before directing the moving LITTLE BOY.

The latter explains himself in the video below: “It is the story of two broken souls, whose respective suffering becomes a path of redemption for the other. Nina struggles with an unwanted pregnancy. And José was a famous footballer who had to end his career after hitting a 3-year-old girl in a car. "

For each one, an unexpected event has turned all perspectives upside down. But God writes straight with curved lines, and as Alejandro Monteverde says, the theme of the film illustrates precisely this adage: "If you want to make God laugh, tell him about your plans".

Through the fate of Nina, to whom the father of the child said "you are going to do what is necessary", "as if it were a question of removing a wisdom tooth" specifies Nina, the film addresses hollow the question of abortion, with infinite delicacy. Moreover, the DVD of the film offers as a Bonus a small very powerful short film on the same pro-life theme, entitled CRESCENDO, and which was produced by the same producers as BELLA.

To discover this pretty parable about love, friendship, family, fatherhood, brotherhood, adoption and Faith, the film is offered in DVD physical media ou in digital.

Good discovery !

Hubert de Torcy

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