Bangladesh: towards the abandonment of Islam as the state religion?

Bangladesh has 170 million inhabitants, 90% are Muslims.

A Originally an atheist country, it was during a coup d'état in 1975 that the military took power and established Islam as the state religion. They assassinate the father of independence of Bangladesh, Sheik Mujibur, as well as almost all of his family.

But more than 40 years later, his daughter, Sheik Hasina, Prime Minister, leader of the Awami league, a secular center-left party, uncompromising with regard to the Islamists, questions the legality of this status. Since February 29, 2016, the Supreme Court has been examining the constitutionality of the status of official religion.

This fight is being waged against a background of intense terrorist violence against religious minorities (Christians, Hindus, Muslim minorities) but also against atheists, intellectuals and foreigners.

The government denies it, but the country is said to be one of Daesh's main recruiting centers. In a predominantly Muslim country, it is questionable whether the population will support this initiative.


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