Awakening Europe: “If Luther and Hus could see it, why couldn't we see it too?”

From June 29 to July 2, the event will be held in Prague Awakening Europe, driven by Ben fitzgerald and a whole team motivated to see the kingdom of God spread on Earth.

En 2017, Europe celebrates the 500th anniversary of the Reformation, but for Ben Fitzgerald, Europe needs a new Reformation. Beyond the denominations, beyond the divisions, Europe needs to return to the Word and to see God again manifesting himself with power through Christians, in homes, in the streets and in the cities.

“This Reformation will not be the one that divides us, but rather the one that unites us to see the cities return to God.”

After Nuremberg in 2015 and Stockholm in 2016, the event will take place this year in Prague, Czech Republic. The opportunity for Ben Fitzgerald to recall the fate of Jean Hus. This 1411th and 1415th century Czech theologian and reformer was excommunicated in XNUMX, before being executed at the stake in XNUMX.

“If Luther and Hus could see him, why couldn't we see him too?”

Ben Fitzgerald and his teams, accompanied by Todd white and many other ministries, wish to equip Christians and see them impact their contemporaries and their cities with the message of the Gospel.

“Of course we could have more conferences, more training. But at some point, what we learn must impact the future of our nations and make thousands turn to God. We don't need to wait any longer, we need a move from God right now. ”

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As for the choice of the venue for the conference in 2017, Ben puts it this way:

“I have to tell you that I have been to many European cities, and I have even visited many stadiums, but when I arrived in downtown Prague my heart was moved with compassion and touched by the urgency. that Jesus wanted to reach this city now. […] Even though it is one of the most beautiful cities in the world, in my heart it seemed to me like Nineveh walking through the “valley of doubt”, not knowing where to go. There are many towns like this in central Europe, and now is the time for the Church to go into the valley and show them the way out. ”

During this event, Christians will be equipped to return to their country, their city and reach them for Jesus. But, the conference will also be a time of evangelization.

“Men and women of God, churches from all over Europe will come by bus to see a new reform this year. This hunger is amazing for us. We are calling you too! In fact, we need the strengths that you carry. Let us believe again that the people of God are filled with life and that our cities are shaken by heaven. If Luther and Hus could see it, why couldn't we see it too? ”

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