Amid racial tensions, two North Carolina churches take first step toward unity

The United States, which knew the fight of Martin Luther King and saw a black president lead the country, is still learning to accept the other. 52 years after the official end of segregation, racial tensions are at the highest level in a country where the black population is still stigmatized.

CRacial tensions generate deadly behavior and lead to the explosion of hatred, demands and protests in indiscriminate violence. Political discourse is not enough to change the situation. On September 20, 2016, this violence found food in the death of Keith Lamont Scott, shot in a parking lot at his residence in Charlotte, North Carolina by police, too often quick to shoot “the suspects”.

The gangrene of violence is at all levels, both in the institution and in the civilian population. The country arms its children under the lobbying aggressive arms dealers.

Faced with this state of affairs, two churches in North Carolina decided to tackle the problem head-on, by implementing the Word of God rather than just "distributing" it.

The African American Church House of Refuge literally  « The House of Refuge«  merged with The Refuge  in French « The shelter "a church whose members traditionally belong to the white community.

The goal of this project : make the church a multicultural community.

Purpose : teach each other to live together in unity in Jesus Christ, for a spiritual awakening within the nation.

For the senior pastor of the Refuge, Jay Stewart.

« The Lord knew and I don't think it was a coincidence.  I think this is a great opportunity for this message not only to be said, but to be manifested. People don't want to hear anyone talk about unity anymore, they want to see it in action ”

The pastor believes that this unity is the first step towards a spiritual renewal of the nation. He adds :

 » Unity is the condition for a revival… I believe that if we are to see the next great revival, we must first experience oneness.. "

The complete merger of the 2 churches will continue until November 6, 2016, but if the faith holds this project this faith does not need to be bigger than a mustard seed to move mountains… which are often mentalities !

Dominique lescure

source: BCN

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