At least 120 civilians massacred in Ethiopia

A massacre in Ethiopia kills 120. The results would still be provisional.

September 1 and 2, at least 120 civilians were killed in a village in Ethiopia's Amhara region. The Tigray People's Liberation Front, Tiger forces, are accused but deny any involvement and demand "an independent investigation into all atrocities".

Sewnet Wubalem, the local administrator in Daba, a town 10 kilometers from the scene of the crime, fears the number of victims may be higher.

“So far we have recovered 120 bodies. They were all innocent farmers. But we think the number could be higher. There are people who are missing. "

According to Chalachew Dagnew, spokesperson for the nearby town of Gondar, among the victims are children, women and the elderly.

A man in an old military uniform testified, in remarks echoed by theReuters Agency. He mentions the fight against the Tigrayan forces.

“We fought for five days and they withdrew. When they withdrew, they killed our people they found on their way. "


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