Asad Shah, murdered in Glasgow for wishing Christians a happy Easter

Asad Shah, Ahmadi Muslim, was 32 years old. He ran a press in Glasgow. Each bears the testimony of a man filled with love. His neighbor claims he was "The man who loved peace the most". He sent messages of love, especially at Christmas or Easter. These days he had posted on facebook:

“Good Friday and a very happy Easter, especially to my beloved Christian nation! Bismillah… Let us follow in the true footsteps of the Holy Beloved Jesus… ” 


Following this post, while he was working, a bearded Muslim, dressed according to witnesses in a long religious robe, enters his business and attacks him with a knife. His brother, who works nearby, comes running. The assassin stands next to Asad's bloody body. He's laughing. As his brother tries to free Asad, the murderer continues to stab him.

Asad Shah dies despite the arrival of an ambulance. The police, who questioned the suspect, confirm the religious motives of this crime. Nicola Sturgeon, Prime Minister, joined the crowd of 400 people during the vigil of solidarity in his memory.

This story reminds us Salah Farah's story, this Kenyan Muslim who died to save the lives of these fellow Christians. Extremists do not support that love can reign between communities and do everything possible to pit communities against each other.

Following the Paris attacks in November 2015, Info Chrétienne had wished, through the voice of its director, tell Muslims in France that Christians loved them. In response to this article, Muslim students from several classes in Belgium sent a "Response of love to their Christian brothers".

These words of Martin Luther King remain strikingly relevant:

Darkness cannot drive out darkness; only light can. Hatred cannot drive out hatred; only love can.

Muslims or Christians, let us be witnesses of love.

Thank you Asad Shah for this message of peace and for the testimony of your love.


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