XXI centuries after Jesus Christ, the Bible is still revealed

XXI centuries after Jesus Christ, the Bible is still revealed.

Twenty-one centuries after Jesus Christ, somewhere in the South, Marion Muller-Colard invites three people to discover a text of the Bible of which they know nothing.

“My hour has not yet come” John 2:4

In the skin of Jesus. We had been invited as a family to Cana, for a wedding. Everyone had been drinking. A lot. There was no more wine left.

Some of the disciples were there with us. We had fun, we talked… Until my mother came to find me:

"Hey, son! We've got a problem: they're out of wine."

Argh! Mothers and their sons! They have that chic. Sons, ladies mothers, I guess you know what I'm talking about, don't you?

Mothers...you know...when she asks you to go mow the lawn or take out the trash and you don't feel like it, but don't feel like it at all:

"But… Mom, what are you coming to get me, thereaaa… Pfff."

And the answer sticks half-spoken in your tight throat. What can you say to your mother?

She knows. Generally, we don't answer… And we end up doing everything she asks us. It's the call of the mother, minus the sirens.

It's the little voice that tells you: "If you don't… your mother, she will… she will… you'll see!" Oh dear, misery! And then, for some, it's rung number twelve on the guilt ladder. It's the little voice that whispers:

"If I don't, I won't be a good son." "If I don't, she won't love me anymore."...

Etc...it's the "double count step" on the road to adulthood.

If ever, on the board of life, the dice of destiny – well supported by the master of the game, alias "Mom" – cause you to land on this "self-blame" box and you get away with it without penalty, it's that is to say without going through the "therapy" box (= allowing three rounds to pass without playing), then you are doing very well.

"But… Mom, what are you coming to get me, thereaaa… Pfff."

"My time has not yet come."

"I want to stay a little longer to chat with my friends. Come on Mommy, let me stay a little longer a child. I don't want to grow up. I know what awaits me. And then he goes I have to do things, that I answer people. I will have to. Let me still be a child, a young person, an unconscious a little bit. Can't you see that I'm innocent? Why do you absolutely want to put a destiny in my life?

I turn around. She was gone and left me alone with my answers that weren't, with my big laziness, my little cowardice, my need for love, friends and unconsciousness.

So I got up from the table and quietly left my friends. My mother, who knows me, had the good idea to prepare the ground. She told the waiters:

"Do whatever he tells you."

 There were containers there that were used for the water of purification. So I said to myself:

"As long as she does what she asks of me, let's do it right."

We took some water, I prayed, and with my Father (who was certainly only waiting for that, this starting signal, for me to be ready), we changed the water into wine. In good wine for that matter – we weren't going to drink wine for the rest of the wedding either… – And suddenly, everyone was surprised and happy.

"And there were even some who congratulated the groom. And it was also from that moment that the disciples began to believe me when I told them my stories".

So. It's very simple: water, wine, party, drink.

In the end (and I know what you're going to think my dear rebel friends), I'm glad I listened to Mom. I know, I know: when I reread this, it feels like I'm 4 years old. But everyone was happy, what do you want? It made me crazy.

That day was maybe the first day of the rest of my life. The one that wasn't going to be easy. Where I was going to walk, leave, go on the roads, meet lots of sick people, plague victims, demons, greedy people, manipulators, speculators, legalists, thieves, criminals, abusers, etc.

And I even know that in the end I die a little. But too bad. It's my choice, it's my faith. And it makes billions of people happy. And she says that even if we die, we live again, forever.

And no one can take that away from me. Come on, chin!

XXI centuries AD – Drink. A program prepared by Marion Muller-Colard, with Fabien Damond, teacher, Gabriel Ringlet, priest, and Florence Blondon, pastor of the United Protestant Church of France.

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