Organization receives video of 'brutal beheading of Christian by Taliban'


“There are no words after that” deplores the president of International Christian Concern, “it is hard to understand how a religion, or people can do that”.

International Christian Concern has just received a video of a Christian being beheaded by the Taliban in Afghanistan.

“We just received a video from Afghanistan. It was sent to us by one of our partners, a close partner that we helped get out of Afghanistan. It comes from a contact on site. He knows the person”; explains Jeff Kings, president of the organization which defends the persecuted church in the world.

If the organization shares the video, visible here, she says, "we're not going to show you the whole video, it's too horrible". We can see a man whose hands are tied behind his back, surrounded by other men. As one of them holds his feet, another approaches, holding a blunt object in his hands, then grabbing his chin. The video is then blurred, before revealing a large number of people present in the vicinity.

“There are no words after that”, laments Jeff Kings, who specifies that the most horrible extracts were not shown. "It's hard to understand how a religion, or people can do that," he continues.

According to Jeff Kings, such dramas will happen again.

“The Taliban watch Christians, they spy on them all the time, and when they find someone, they do the worst to them if they don't go back to Muhammad. »

The president of International Christian Concern ends by calling on Christians to pray.


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