Exhibit depicting 'explicitly sexualised' Jesus sparks 'outrage' in European Parliament

Exhibit depicting explicitly sexualized Jesus sparks outrage in European Parliament

"It is legitimate to address issues of all kinds in institutional settings, but exploiting a religion is an intolerable disrespect for millions of worshipers across Europe."

In the European Parliament, a work by Swedish photographer Elisabeth Ohlson aroused "outrage", according to the Observatory on intolerance and discrimination against Christians in Europe.

According to the Observatory, Jesus, surrounded by his apostles, is "explicitly sexualized".

For Maria Veronica Rossi, Italian MEP for the Lega, "it is legitimate to address problems of all kinds in institutional contexts, but exploiting a religion is an intolerable disrespect for millions of faithful across Europe".

"Art?" Calls Matteo Salvini, Italian Deputy Prime Minister, on Facebook, "No, just vulgarity and lack of respect. In a word, it sucks".

Asked about it, Elizabeth Ohlson believes that there are "millions, billions of works" representing Jesus surrounded by heterosexuals. "But those are just 12 pictures of Jesus loving LGBT rights, so 12 pictures shouldn't be so scary for them," she says.


Image credit: Shutterstock/Drop of Light

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