A 17th century church emerges from a dry reservoir in Chile


With each episode of drought, the Temple of Santiago emerges from the Nezahualcoyot reservoir in Chile.

In Santiago, Chile, a 17th century church known as the Temple of Santiago emerged from the Nezahualcoyot Reservoir due to drought.

Built by a group of monks, it had been flooded during the installation of a dam in 1966.

“It was a church built thinking it could be a big population center, but it never got there,” says architect Carlos Navarete in remarks echoed by the Daily Mail, "he probably never even had a devoted priest, only being visited by those of Tecpatan". The latter specifies that the church had been abandoned during the plague of 1773 to 1776.

This is not the first time this church has risen from the depths of the reservoir. It appears with each episode of drought.


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