Understand the POWER of our words! Build or destroy?

Understand the POWER of our words! Build or destroy?

Let's read Proverbs 18, verse 21: “Words can give life or death. Anyone who likes to talk must accept the consequences. This proverb is full of wisdom.

Moreover, when we read the first verses of Proverbs, here is what we find there:

Proverbs 1, verses 2-5:

“These proverbs are meant to teach people to behave wisely. They allow you to receive a good education, and to understand meaningful words. They teach to live intelligently, to be fair, to obey the law, to be honest. They make those who lack experience cautious, they give young people knowledge and help them to think. Even the wise will be able to read them and they will learn something, even the intelligent people will find good advice there. »

That being said, let's take a closer look at this advice. Our words can give life or death. James gives us a whole chapter (to read in James 3 if you wish). What you have to understand is that nothing comes back without consequences.

All the words that come out of our mouth will cause something. They will cause good things if you say good things and bad things if you don't. Nothing we say will have any consequences. Even the words that may seem unimportant to us. Our words will always resonate with someone and sometimes not in the way we imagined.

Ask yourself the question: will you speak the same way knowing that everything will have a consequence?

As far as I'm concerned, I'm someone who has always liked to talk. Ever since I was little, I've always talked a lot. It continued as an adult until a time when I clearly had to ask myself the question of what caused around me the words that I said. I understood that every word I said had an impact on others. So I started to be careful what words I use or what I say to whom. I started choosing my audience for what topic.

Because, indeed, not everything can be heard by everyone. I learned to use the word, the voice that God allowed me to have, to build others and not to bring them down or judge them. It's not always easy or obvious. It's not perfect, but one thing is certain: I understood the scope, the power of words and I know that I am responsible for what comes out of my mouth. I learned that I have to accept the consequences of what I say. I would like to encourage you today to become aware of what you are saying and the power of words.

As Solomon tells us in Proverbs and James in the New Testament, our words can give life and they can give death. Where do you place yourself? If you could analyze the way you speak in the last few days or just yesterday, how would you define your way of speaking? It's not always easy to pick up a mirror and face reality, but it's essential to staying on the right path.

Take this opportunity today to make a point in your life. Words of life or words of death?

Let's be one of those people who spread life around them! Let us shine not only with our words but also with our deeds!

Be blessed!


Darja Reichor

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