A priest warns of a communication game with the Holy Spirit

A priest warns of a communication game with the Holy Spirit

Ouija board is a game of communicating with spirits. There is a so-called Christian version that would allow communication with the Holy Spirit. A Catholic priest recently warned against what attendees see as a spiritual portal, and decried the use of symbols that can mislead Christians.

During an interview with EWTN's "News Nightly", exorcist priest Ernesto Caro of the Diocese of Monterey in Mexico, called it a "devil's trap" The game "The Holy Spirit Board by Holy Spirit Games - Christian Religious Talking Board for Seance with Planchette".

The game is inspired by Ouija board, a form of entertainment consisting of standing around a square with letters and numbers, as well as the words "Yes", "No" and "Goodbye", and asking his hand on a sharp object, the drop. The name of the game is also a portmanteau combining "yes" and "ja" ("no" in German). Participants invoke spirits that would respond to them by moving the drop over letters, numbers and words.

"Communicate with God and not the demons with a board"

Its so-called Christian version is presented as a way to help people speak directly to Jesus Christ. “GET THE ANSWERS YOU NEED!” - The Holy Spirit chart can answer all of life's most important questions, straight from the man himself,” says the advertisement for the game which explicitly presents itself as a way to Heaven and not not to ghosts and demons, unlike other boards.

For Father Ernesto, this game can open dangerous doors for participants and underlines that the Catechism of the Catholic Church strongly advises against spiritist or divination games, which are prohibited in the Bible. The priest added that players might mistakenly believe that they are communicating with God: “If the sharp object moves on its own, be careful! It's not God who moves, it's the devil. »

According to laboratory studies, the drop is unconsciously driven by the player whose brain creates images based on questions posed to the spirits, and the body responds by moving the tip. It would be an ideomotor effect observed by the movement of the eyes of the players towards the letters, numbers and words even before the point is directed towards them. During exercises with blindfolds, the results were those that would have been obtained by illiterate people. However, its popularity testifies to an attraction for the world of the occult.

At the beginning of March, 28 young girls from the same school in Colombia had to be hospitalized after having anxiety attacks or fainting. According to their parents, their discomfort was related to their use of Ouija boards. A local hospital nurse said that every day three or four fainted children arrive, adding:

“Parents, we have to move, investigate what is happening at school, because it cannot continue. »

Jean Sarpedon

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