Former Surgeon Says Christians Are Also Victims of Forced Organ Harvesting in China

Former Surgeon Says Christians Are Also Victims of Forced Organ Harvesting in China

The Chinese communist regime is accused of continuing to steal organs from political prisoners, even though it says it hasn't carried out such harvesting for years. A doctor who took part in the forced removal of organs says that Christians are among the victims of this system, which in particular benefits Party cadres, according to him.

Since the 1980s, or even earlier, the Chinese authorities have been selling organs to people in need of organs and wanting to bypass waiting lists. This market attracts foreigners who have enough means to benefit from transplants in Chinese hospitals. To do this, the authorities summarily execute citizens imprisoned for their political or religious beliefs.

Faced with international and NGO criticism, the Chinese communist power decreed that only organ harvesting from volunteers would be legal from January 1, 2015. China is now the second largest organ supplier in the world even though the number of voluntary donors has not increased as much as the number of transplants.

The suspicions are supported in particular by a link between the heavy persecution of members of the Falung Gong sect, victims of mass arrests and murders in custody, and the rapid increase in the number of transplants in the early 2000s. forced levies did nothing to change the size of the supply. Chinese authorities even launched a similar campaign of persecution in 2017 against the still predominantly Muslim Xinjiang ethnic Uighur.

In June 2021, a report by UN-mandated experts revealed that China was harvesting organs from members of ethnic, linguistic and religious minorities and mentioned Christians among the victims of this system. A Chinese doctor supports the accusations.

The testimony of a surgeon who participated in forced removals

Enver Tohti is the current president of the World Uyghur Christian Union and lives in London. This former Muslim was asked to operate on a prisoner to remove his organs. He has explained last June to Premier Christianity News that prisoners were shot so that they survived long enough for their organs to be harvested in perfect condition. The victims died during the samples:

"I was a surgeon at home. And in 1995 I was called to an execution ground. I removed the liver and both kidneys from a half-executed man because they shot him in the right side of the chest such that he dies, but not too quickly. So that gave me time to extract his organs."

 According to him, Christians from the house churches are among the victims of this system. He asserts that senior civil servants intend to extend their life expectancy in this way:

“They found a source of unlimited supply of organs like this, Tibetans, Falun Gong followers, Uyghurs, just minorities, like house Christians, because they believe in something other than the Communism. They are subject to whatever is possible, because they are only treated as state property, not as human beings."

Jean Sarpedon

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