Uganda: Evangelist beaten to death for speaking to Muslims about Jesus


On September 6 in eastern Uganda, a Christian was beaten to death after sharing his faith with Muslims who accepted Christ. 

Morning Star News reports the death of Philip Bere, a young 33-year-old evangelist in eastern Uganda. According to the media, the young man had just participated in an evangelistic event in the town of Kituuti and was heading towards Katiryo by bicycle, when he was attacked and beaten to death. 

Facts reported by Mudenya Sirasi, an eyewitness who was by his side at the time of the attack and was also present during the evangelization event. 

He explains that they were ambushed. "We heard people talking on both sides of the road, in a nearby bush, saying, 'They are the ones who converted our members today - they are not supposed to live, but to be killed,'" he said. -he reported to Morning Star News.

It was then that a man appeared on the road and hit Philip Bere with "a blunt object in the back", Mudenya Sirasi managed to escape and hid in a tunnel under a bridge. The man reports having seen the attackers "brutally injure" his friend with a stone and adds that when they left he discovered him lying in his blood. 

According to the deceased's pastor, who preferred to remain anonymous for security reasons, the evangelist "was killed because of his passion for preaching the good news of Jesus Christ, especially to Muslims." Mudenya Sirasi said many people accepted Jesus at the evangelistic event the two men attended that day, including women and two young Muslim men.

Organization Open House explains that although Uganda is a predominantly Christian country, the region "is very unstable" especially in the east of the country where "Christians are suffering violent attacks from the ADF-Nalu group made up of extremists." PO specifies that in this part of the country, “persecution is very severe, in particular against Christians from Islam”.

Camille Westphal Perrier

Image credit: Shutterstock/ The Road Provides

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