Two teenagers drowned after baptism in Brazil

Two teenagers drowned after baptism in Brazil

Isabella and Renan, aged 12 and 13, drowned in a lake after a christening ceremony in Brazil.

Isabella Soares Faria and Renan Felipe Souza Santos are two Brazilian teenagers aged 12 and 13. Both died last Sunday after a baptism ceremony next to the Machado Mineiro dam on the Pardo River.

According to the military police of Minas Gerais, the church organized a barbecue after these baptisms. Several people decided to bathe in the lake, but Isabella and Renan went to the deepest place and drowned. People there tried to help them.

Renan died before their arrival. As for Isabella, she was able to be pulled out of the water alive, but died while being treated at a nearby health centre.

Un witness evokes the drowning of two other people, who were able to be rescued.

On Monday, a funeral wake was held. Isabella and Renan have since been buried.


Image credit: Shutterstock/ Tarcisio Schnaider

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