Your attitude in the heat of adversity QUESTIONS those around you!


The Bible leads us today in the Gospel of Matthew, in chapter 5 and in verse 14 for us this: “You are the light of the world. A city on top of a hill does not escape the gaze. »

This text comes within the context of the witness of Christ that we bear within us. The light of which this verse speaks is not the brilliance of man but Christ, the light of the world. This light is within you and it shines before men. The only thing that can hide it is yourself. You shine so that those who are in darkness see the path they walk on and draw near to you, draw near to Christ.

Later, in verse 16, Jesus tells us precisely that we must not hide this light and tells us why it must shine. He says this: “In the same way your light must shine before everyone. So (very important), the others will see le good which to done. Le texts ne parle to of things which Contact let's say, but of things which Contact do : "Les other will see le good which to done. »

Find live in un monde digital where There are a real saturation de information. All le monde today a un point de view. All le monde peut open a Session on un network social et share the things. Find ne are to en manque de speech, of ideas, de supposedly expertise, de proposals de change, but en reality ce Thu matters really, ce Thu parle plus away which the speech, it is la façon whose tu screw ta life, la façon whose tu you treat the other.

Ta sympathy, ce which tu do in The shadow, it, any le monde le Note et leaves tu es really this city light au sommet of mountains de difficulties that men try to climb. Your actions speak of Christ, of his love and forgiveness, and of the hope of the heavenly city to come. What you live speaks louder than what you say!

Remember the three friends of Daniel who were thrown into the furnace and it was in this furnace that the king saw a fourth figure, that of Christ. Your attitude, when you're in the heat of adversity, speaks loudly and makes others look up to you and see clearly that you have something more, something they don't have. You experience adversity differently. You have Christ in you, the light of the world. Be aware, be aware of this light within you.

It often happens to me, when I take the plane, to pray: “Lord, you who shine in me, that my neighbor, that my neighbor be challenged to the point of speaking to me. I was able to testify many times. I don't know what those people did with my words, maybe I was just a link in a long chain that leads to Christ. But this light that shines in you attracts the eye, questions and is like a beacon for those who seek, those who are lost. So again, be aware, be aware of the light of Christ within you and be richly blessed.

gabriel alonso

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