Together 2024: launch of a platform for announcing the Gospel at the Paris Olympics


While this summer, millions of visitors will come to France for the 2024 Olympic Games, several Christian organizations are mobilizing to share the good news of the Gospel on this occasion. At the start of the week, the collective launched Ensemble 2024, a platform serving churches, organizations or individuals who wish to contribute to this initiative. 

In a few months, France will host one of the biggest sporting events in the world: the Paris 2024 Olympic Games and, in fact, millions of visitors from all over the world.

Judging that this is a “tremendous opportunity for the church in France to mobilize to share the Gospel, advance the kingdom of God and show people the love of Jesus”, the Christian sports movement GO+ Sports brought together several organizations to join forces. 

“How can we individually and collectively spread the good news of Jesus Christ in words and actions during these times?”

To answer this question, these organizations launched Tuesday noon, during the Evangelical Center, the Ensemble 2024 platform which is now accessible online.

Ensemble 2024 presents itself as a movement “at the service of all those who want to contribute to the dynamic created by the Games”. It is a collective made up of different entities "who are committed to serving athletes, sportspeople, visitors, the local population, local government, city administration and organizing committees in cities hosts and everywhere else in France. 

In addition to Go+ France, it brings together dozens of associations such as TopChrétien, Jeunesse en Mission, the National Council of Evangelicals of France, Holy Games, Agape and Sports & Foi. 

Thanks to their platform, all these actors in the Christian world wish to work together to connect people, works, associations and Churches who wish to join them and promote their projects.

In the coming weeks, the collective plans to increase exchanges around the six poles that they have identified, namely: prayer and praise, evangelization, social, sport, creative arts and neighborhood relations. . He specifies that this list "is not exhaustive" and that they are open to other projects. Do not hesitate to contact them to join this wonderful adventure of evangelization!

Camille Westphal Perrier

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