Timothé Deratani: "Video can be a tool in the service of God"

Timothy Deratani

Timothé left his job as a teacher three years ago to make a living from his passion: video. Now a director, he tells us how he puts his skills at the service of his faith.

It is with a smile on his face that the young man of 26 years tells how he left the public service three years ago, to embark on a career as an intermittent showman, with its share of insecurities. “I was scared, but I'm passionate about video, so I dared to do it,” says Timothé. Today, he lives from it, and considers himself “lucky”. So he spends his days canvassing potential customers, filming and doing video editing at his home in the Paris region. “I try to specialize in documentaries. I'm a beginner but that's what I like the most. At the same time, I try to put my skills at the service of God”.

Testify in all ways

“As Christians, I think we all want to bear witness to who Jesus is on a daily basis,” continues Timothé. So the young director tries to do it the best he can, and in every possible way. “In the way I behave with my technical teams, for example. Where else then by refusing administrative shenanigans. Also, I regularly try to work for Christian projects…” lists the videographer, before adding: “I also put my skills at the service of my Church on a voluntary basis.”

video ministry

Because if Timothé mentioned the difficulties linked to the precariousness of his job, he also recognizes that his intermittent status gives him some advantages, starting with his free time. A time that he decided to use to… make video. “I deeply believe that video can be a tool in the service of God. This is something we noticed with the Covid in particular, when we developed the online cults. So with his Church, Timothy has developed a video ministry for which he is responsible. “We are continuing online worship, but we are also developing lots of new formats, for networks for example, or for internal use.”

From online worship, to baptism

And recently, Timothy and his video ministry team had a chance to rejoice. “We attended a baptism in our Church. During his testimony, the young man explained that he had converted during confinement, by watching our services online. An encouraging anecdote, but also a lesson in humility for the young man. “Shortly before, I was frustrated by the lack of technical means for capturing cults. So this baptism reminded me that only God is in charge!”

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