“Those Protestants who dare”: women in the spotlight at the Protestant dinner


Monday, November 27, the Palais de la Femme in Paris hosted the Protestant dinner organized by the Cercle Charles-Gide. The theme of this third edition, “These Protestants who dare”, put women in the spotlight. 

The Protestant Dinner took place Monday, November 27 at the Salvation Army Women's Palace. “Those Protestants who dare” was the theme of the third edition of this annual philanthropic evening which brings together Protestant works and institutions, in the presence of state authorities. This year, the Minister of Equality between Women and Men, Bérangère Couillard and the Vice-President of the National Assembly, Valérie Rabault, were present.

The “essential” place of Protestant women

Yesterday, Marie Dentière, Berty Albrecht, Blanche Peyron or even Eugénie Bost, today Valérie Duval-Poujol, Françoise Caron, Jema Taboyan, Chantal Barry or even Marie Orcel.  

Here are the names of some of the women honored during this evening. Protestant women of yesterday and today committed to the common good, in the Church or civil society who remind us, as the president of the Protestant Federation of France (FPF) Christian Krieger pointed out, that the place of women "is not incidental but essential". 

“The message is clear to move society forward, we need you ladies!”

"What would Protestantism be without Cimade founded by Suzanne de Dietrich? Without the 'resist' of Marie Durant? Without the defense of women's rights by Madeleine Barot? And what would ecclesial Protestantism be without women's pastoral ministry?" the president of the FPF who wished to “express a word of gratitude to all these women”. 

"Thank you for your loyalty; thank you for being present when a need calls for a gesture of empathy; thank you for your particular sense of the collective; thank you for your energy in the service of improving society. May everyone, whatever their place of commitment, in the Church, in civil society, may hear in this modest thank you, a deep and sincere word of gratitude."

Create bridges

Evoking in his speech, "the barbaric terrorist acts of October 7 and Israel's fight to defend itself and fight against Hamas", Christian Krieger also underlined the emergence of "unsuspected tensions" in our country, "opposing on the one hand those sensitive to the situation of Jews in France and the legitimacy of the State of Israel, and on the other hand those sensitive to the cause of the Palestinians.

He believes that in this context, "Protestantism carries a unique voice" thanks to its diversity and its capacity to create bridges. If he once again honored women in his conclusion, affirming that they are "actresses who move things forward", the president of the FPF wanted to send a message to all Protestants. He urged them to “dare together, to build together”.

“Important challenges call us, in the Church and in society. By joining forces, we are better able to build a promising future, where equality, diversity and justice will prevail.”

Because the aim of this annual meeting is also to offer a platform for Protestant speech in public debate and to highlight its impact in French society.

Also, the dinner pursues a philanthropic objective since the donations collected during the evening will be used to support a social work committed to helping the most vulnerable. The work that receives the funds will be selected for the Charles Gide Prize. This year, due to the theme of the event, the jury announced that it would be "particularly attentive to projects led by women" or aimed at supporting them. 

Camille Westphal Perrier

Image credit: Corinne Simon

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