Dallas Mega Church pastor quits ministry because of pride sin


Todd Wagner, pastor and co-founder of the Mega Church Watermark Community in Dallas, Texas, announced this Sunday, September 6 to his community that he was stepping down from his duties for a time because of his sin of pride.

The Mega Church Watermark Community of Dallas in the state of Texas was established in 1999 by Todd wagner and a group of friends. On Sunday September 6, the pastor and therefore co-founder of this church, Todd Wagner, repented of his sin of pride during the cult apologizing to his congregation.

“I'm going to take some of your time to beg your forgiveness for several things. Firstly, for not having been more attentive to myself earlier, especially during this season. For a while, maybe even years, I knew I just had to slow down. And I was encouraged to slow down, I even had the opportunity to slow down and yet for the last few months all I have done is speed up ”

He also announced that he was going leaving office as senior pastor during sometime.

“For the first time in 20 years, I'm taking a step back from what I usually do so that I can work hard. So don't look for scandal. Don't even think it's outrageous. What is scandalous is when a Christian plays with, neglects or welcomes sin, whether it is respectable or not ”

On the day of his announcement, the pastor soberly posted on his Twitter page verse 30 of the third book of John: "He must increase, and I decrease", followed by # "as simple as that".


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