“The Lord remains our refuge”: a prayer chain invades social networks for an infant who received a heart transplant


The parents of a seven-week-old American infant fighting for his life following a heart transplant have asked for prayers on X (formerly Twitter), sparking a huge outpouring of spiritual support and solidarity.

When Augustus Elliott Joubert, a seven-week-old American infant, was placed on a waiting list for a heart transplant, his parents knew the road would be long and difficult. This is why they appealed to the Christian community, asking for prayers for their family and especially for their son.

According to CBN News, Augustus, nicknamed Gus, was born with a heart defect requiring multi-stage surgical repair. But after four weeks, his heart health deteriorated so much that the only option was a transplant.

"The road ahead is daunting. God is good, his grace sufficient, and the prayers of his people are strengthening. We begin a season of intense waiting," Augustus' father, Mark Joubert, wrote on X (former Twitter ).

The publications shared by the little boy's parents were seen by millions of people on X. Shared thousands of times, these moving stories reached the four corners of the world, pushing thousands of believers to pray for this family.

Eleven days into this prayer chain, a heart was available for the baby. "My son is currently in surgery. His old heart was removed, making room for a new heart. We spent only eleven days on the transplant waiting list. We thank God for the generosity of the family who made this gift", shared the father of the child who affirms that, in this ordeal, "the Lord remains their refuge".

But even after a successful heart transplant, the family again asked for prayers because Gus' heart was having difficulty beating.

Two days later, Mark Joubert rejoiced on X, announcing that his son's health was improving. He expressed his gratitude to those who had prayed for them. “Please continue to pray for Gus!” he asked on January 18.

In their most recent message posted on X, the family wrote that "Gus is currently in a fairly stable condition." They call for continued prayers for the health of their little boy.

Salma El Monser

Image credit: Shutterstock/beerkoff

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