'Jesus Revolution' Director Working on New King David Series

Soon on Amazon Prime, the director of Jesus Revolution, unveils House of David, his new series about King David

“Jesus Revolution” director Jon Erwin is embarking on a new adventure with “House of David” which will be broadcast on Amazon Prime. This series, from the collaboration between Amazon MGM Studios and The Wonder Project, delves into the stories of King David and Saul, heroes of the Old Testament.

Jon Erwin, director of "Jesus Revolution", recently announced that he was working on a new project, it is a series that will be broadcast on Amazon Prime and will focus on King David. 

According to Christian headlines, this series, called “House of David”, is the first result of a collaboration between Amazon MGM Studios and The Wonder Project, led by Jon Erwin and former director of YouTube and Netflix Kelly Merryman Hoogstraten. Dallas Jenkins, to whom we owe the series "The Chosen", is a major shareholder in this project. 

Jon Erwin previously said that The Wonder Project, launched last year, has a mission to "concoct stories aimed at restoring faith in trustworthy truths." 

“Christianity has transformed my life, as well as that of 2,5 billion people,” he declared, determined to transmit his faith through his cinematographic projects. 

“The Wonder Project aims to tell stories that restore confidence in essential values, on a meaningful scale,” said Kelly Merryman Hoogstraten. She said that Amazon's "unprecedented commitment, both in terms of substantial resources allocated and confidence in our ability to tell authentic stories, has left us speechless." 

According to the synopsis shared with The Hollywood Reporter, “House of David” delves into the fate of the once-powerful King Saul, trapped by his own hubris. “A prophet prepares to overthrow him, choosing the young shepherd Davidi,” the summary reads. As Saul's anger intensifies, "David struggles between love, violence and politics in the court of the one he is destined to replace. Two kings, one kingdom, herald inevitable war."

Salma El Monser

Image credit: Shutterstock/ Diego Thomazini

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