The CNEF received by the President of the National Assembly: “These meetings are important to bear witness to our faith”


Thursday January 18, the National Council of Evangelicals of France was received by Yael Braun Pivet, president of the National Assembly. The opportunity for the evangelical organization to discuss current issues such as the end of life or the fight against sectarian excesses. An important meeting which allows, according to the CNEF, to bear witness to one's faith and to express one's convictions.

The National Council of Evangelicals of France (CNEF) recently shared on its Instagram account the photo of a meeting between its president Erwan Cloarec and the president of the National Assembly Yael Braun Pivet. Thierry Le Gall, head of the CNEF's pastoral service to parliamentarians, was also present. 

Indeed, last Thursday, January 18, the CNEF was received at the National Assembly by its president. These meetings with politicians are “important” for the CNEF, which tells us that they allow them to “bear witness” to their faith, to explain their identity or even to expose “their convictions”, particularly on current issues. such as the end of life or sectarian aberrations. 


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“The good relations established with the President of the National Assembly will allow us to be consulted more often by the committees of the National Assembly on bills on which our words must be heard,” the communications director of the evangelical organization, Romain Choisnet.

He also specifies that “it is the fruit of the relationship of trust between the CNEF and the deputies, through the pastoral service of the CNEF to the parliamentarians”. A service led by Thierry Le Gall whom we had previously met during a immersion reportIn the Senate and the National Assembly, he is responsible for supporting and responding to the spiritual questions of the political representatives of our country. 

Furthermore, this type of meeting illustrates one of the missions of the CNEF, namely, representing and supporting "the interests and convictions of all of its members, at the national, international and territorial levels, with political, administrative and religious authorities".

Camille Westphal Perrier

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