“The blessing must not be refused to anyone”: the pope denounces the “hypocrisy” of those who oppose the blessing of same-sex couples


In an interview with the Italian weekly Credere, published this Thursday, Pope Francis denounced the hypocrisy of those who are outraged that he blesses homosexuals while "no one is scandalized if I bless an entrepreneur who exploits potentially people, and that is a very serious sin,” he said. 

The sovereign pontiff recently returned to the criticism he has faced since he announced that he would bless same-sex couples and people who are divorced or considered "in an irregular situation" by the church. 

In an official document, entitled Fiducia Supplicans, published last December, the Vatican authorized the blessing of same-sex couples provided that it is carried out outside liturgical rituals, it was a first on this issue, a source of tension within the Catholic Church.

“It is possible to bless couples in an irregular situation and couples of the same sex, in a form which must not be fixed ritually by the ecclesial authorities, so as not to create confusion with the blessing specific to the sacrament of marriage”, says the eight-page document published in several languages ​​by the Vatican.

This blessing "will never be performed at the same time as the civil rites of union, nor even in connection with them", he specifies, recalling that the sacrament of marriage remains exclusively reserved for heterosexual couples.

An announcement that sparked sharp criticism, particularly on the part of African Catholic leadersThe protest was particularly strong in Malawi, Nigeria and Zambia as well as in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC), where the bishops' conference firmly expressed its opposition to these blessings. 

“It’s hypocrisy”

In an interview published this Thursday in the columns of the Italian weekly Credere, the Pope denounced hypocritical reactions, reveals Vatican News.  

"No one is scandalized if I bless an entrepreneur who potentially exploits people, and that is a very serious sin. Whereas if I bless a homosexual, people are shocked... It's hypocrisy!"

“We must all respect each other. Everyone! The heart of the document is welcome,” he continued, insisting that “the blessing must not be denied to anyone.” 

The women's place

Francis then spoke on other points that he would like to see evolve within the Church, such as the place of women. Believing that it is "important to open the work of the Curia to women", he explained that "the Church is woman, she is wife. Peter is not a woman, he is not a wife. The Church-wife is more important than Peter-minister.” 

Camille Westphal Perrier

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