Thai immigration arrests 63 Mayflower church members: 'Time is running out'

Thai Immigration Arrests All 63 Mayflower Church Members Time Is Running Out

An advocacy organization is calling on the international community to act before China demands the repatriation of Christians from the Mayflower Church.

"Time is running out," warns Bob Fu, founder and president of ChinaAid. The 63 members of the Mayflower Church were arrested and detained by Thai immigration.

"All members of the Mayflower Church were detained in Thailand this morning. In front of two Americans from Tyler Texas, more than 20 Thai immigration police raided the hotel where the Mayflower members were staying. The time press. Before the Chinese government demands repatriation, the international community can help prevent this tragedy from happening."

The Chinese Christians' advocacy organization fears that they will be sent back to China and face reprisals and prison sentences. Shenzhen Holy Reformed Church is a Chinese house church that fled persecution in 2019. They first fled to South Korea and then to Thailand, where they are applying for UN refugee status. Among them are 32 children.


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