Fire attempts in two Parisian churches: an investigation has been opened by the police


An investigation was opened Monday evening after two Parisian churches were the target of arson attempts, one of which twice, we learned on Tuesday from a source close to the file confirming information from the Parisian.

The investigation opened for "voluntary damage by means of an incendiary device" was entrusted to the 2nd district of the judicial police, the same source added.

Twice, on January 17 and 22, the Notre-Dame-de-Fatima church, located in the XNUMXth arrondissement, was the target of arson attempts. According to Le Parisien, citing a source close to the investigation, the door of this church was sprayed with a flammable liquid.

The fire, believed to have been started with newspapers, did not spread inside the building.

On January 18, it was the Saint-Martin-des-Champs church, in the XNUMXth arrondissement, which was hit. The fire was started with pieces of wood in front of the main door and spread inside, according to the daily.

The quickly contained fire caused no injuries.

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Image credit: Creative Commons / Wikimedia

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