Testimonial: "The idea of ​​a Creator was rubbish to me"


"Was it possible there was a Creator? That would mean I had no control and was a creation. It threw me into confusion and challenged everything I thought. ."

To Eternity news, Naomi Reed reports journeys of faith. Among them is that of Shaun, a scientist who long thought the Bible was "rubbish."

Shaun grew up in a Christian family. As a child, he went to Sunday school but always hated it. "I thought it was gibberish," he recalls.

Growing up, his "main problem was creation versus evolution".

“In college, professors were constantly talking about cells turning into fish, then frogs, then land animals. There was no other way to see it. was just rubbish to me, like a fairy tale."

After college, he is in a relationship with Tracey. As they move in together, she becomes a Christian. “She asked me to go to church with her and I agreed…Because I loved her,” he explains.

She also offers him to read the Bible.

"I read it for 5 seconds and threw it on the bed. It was still rubbish."

But Shaun raises questions, however. Tracey always replies, "let's see what the pastor says". And every week, the pastor answered Shaun's questions in his sermon. "What's going on? Have you talked to this guy?" Shaun asked Tracey. But no, she hadn't spoken to him.

After 4 weeks, Shaun accepts, "yeah, okay, there could be something here". He takes books that the pastor lends him, about creation and evolution.

"It turned out that there might be a different scientific way of observing and interpreting the world around us. (...) I started to wonder. Was it possible that there had a Creator? That would mean I was out of control and I was a creation. It threw me into confusion and challenged everything I thought. If I wasn't the top from the pile… If I was created, then I had a problem. It meant that I was in a different position, facing a Creator."

He then addresses a prayer to God, "God, if you are what I think you are, help me to believe". "The next morning I knew it was true. There was a Creator. Something changed inside me, overnight, and I believed it. I suddenly knew who I was, as a than creation. (...) All my life, I had been a person who loved to be in control, and then that day, I trusted God, who was in control. all bullshit!"


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