Suspension of the ministry of an evangelical pastor, accused of sexual violence


On March 24, the CNEF relayed the press release from the Réseau FEF (French evangelical fraternal network) concerning the ministry of Guillaume Bourin. This pastor in the media and with a rich ministry is indeed the subject of testimonies and complaints of abuse.

“We received an alert from a group of pastors in the Paris region who shared with us testimonies from several women questioning the integrity of the ministry of Guillaume Bourin, well known in the evangelical world.”

It is with pain that Etienne Grosrenaud, president of the FEF Network issued a press release late last week.

Since the beginning of December, complaints had been sent to Action Biblique France, to which Guillaume Bourin belongs. She asked the pastor to suspend his entire pastoral and digital ministry and reported it to the competent authorities. 

In accordance with the commitment signed by all CNEF members June 1, 2021 As part of its fight against sexual abuse in evangelical churches, the FEF network has chosen to communicate and collaborate to carefully choose ministers of religion and church leaders.

Étienne Grosrenaud also undertakes to keep the CNEF informed of the conclusions of the commission of inquiry commissioned by Action Biblique Française.

But above all, the CNEF and the FEF network recall that:

“Our primary concerns are for the truth and restoration of those involved. »

Herveline Urcun

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