Sound of Freedom still showing in cinemas

Sound of Freedom still showing in cinemas

The film by Alejandro Monteverde sound of freedom, a powerful cry of protest against human trafficking, is still in theaters!

Sound of Freedom tells the true story of Tim Ballard, played by Jim Caviezel, a former US government agent who quits his job to devote himself to the fight against child trafficking. This story reveals the terrifying scale of human trafficking, and highlights the hope and strength of character of those who fight for the respect and rights of children.

The spiritual dimension is not omnipresent because we remain in an action film, but subtly faith transcends the entire story. Spectators will hear in particular the already cult line, "The children of God are not for sale" or this sentence straight from the Bible but which many will not recognize: "It would be better for him if we put it around his neck a mill stone and throw it into the sea, unless it scandalizes one of these little ones."

sound of freedom is much more than just a suspense film or a biographical thriller. It is a vibrant testimony that calls for compassion, reflection and action, while illustrating the link between Christian faith and respect for human dignity.

Released in France under the flag Saje Distribution, it is still showing this week in more than 160 cinemas.

For those who are late, don't wait to discover it in the theater!

Tristan Jaulin

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