Debate evening on March 4: domestic violence in evangelical churches


As part of the launch of Murielle's book According to "Domestic violence in evangelical churches", an evening debate hosted by Valérie Duval-Poujol in partnership with the association "A place for them" will take place on March 4th. 

La evening debate comes a few weeks after the presentation of a report by the Vice-President of the French Protestant Federation, Valérie Duval-Poujol, on sexual and spiritual violence in Protestantism, to the Minister responsible for Equality between women and men, Isabella Rome. 

The result of an initiative taken by the Ethics and Society Commission of the FPF, the report aims to contribute to "sensitizing all actors in the Protestant world to the reality and seriousness of sexual and spiritual violence, including in the Churches ." Through actions to be implemented in churches and pastoral and psychological support, the FPF intends to raise awareness among its members on this theme.

No institution is spared in the face of sexual violence and the Protestant Churches in their diversity are also affected by this tragedy. 

Murielle According will intervene for the promotion of her free "Domestic violence in evangelical churches" while Valérie Duval-Poujol, will raise public awareness of domestic violence through the association "A place for them

The two women are both members of this association for raising awareness of domestic violence and feminicide. 

Founded in 2017 under the impetus of Valérie Duval-Poujol, it is inspired by an initiative born in Italy in 2013 "Posto Occupato" (place occupied in French editor's note). Empty chairs are set up in public buildings to draw attention to victims of domestic violence. This empty place symbolizes the place of these women who are no longer there today, dead under the blows of their partner.

The evening will be held in the premises of the Harmattan bookstore in Paris on Saturday March 4. The entrance is free and does not require registration.

Melanie Boukorras 

Image credit: Shutterstock / Tiko Aramyan

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