Sexual violence in the Church: a commission delves into the analysis

Sexual violence in the Church, a commission delves into the analysis

Victims of sexual violence in the Church still continue to make themselves known but one of the commissions responsible for reparations, already contacted by more than 800 people, has launched analysis work to better prevent this type of violence in the Church. future.

The Recognition and Reparation Commission (CRR), which supports victims of sexual violence in Catholic congregations, indicated Monday that it had been contacted by "more than 800 people", which gave rise to "313 recommendations for reparation" for an amount of “11,1 million euros regarding financial reparations”.

“There are 800 lives taken into account and restored, but it is very little” compared to the probable number of victims, Véronique Margron, the president of the Conference of Religious Men and Women of France (Corref), told AFP.

“How can we reach those who are missing?” she surrounded herself. The CRR receives more and more “vulnerable” adult victims, who today represent 19% of the total victims supported.

The body is also working on the drafting of three reports in order to "participate in the prevention and fight against sexual abuse in the Church" or even "more broadly in the fight against sexual violence", she specified in a statement.

The first report, under the leadership of a sociologist, will look at the experiences of victims, the second on restorative justice and the third on the particularity of sexual violence committed by religious figures.

The other commission born after the Sauvé report on child crime in the Catholic Church since 1950, the Independent National Recognition and Reparation Authority (Inirr), received 1.313 requests as of October 25. The CRR was created in 2021 by Corref which opens its general assembly on Tuesday in Lourdes.

During this meeting which will be held until Saturday, a “charter of rights for religious men and women” will be put to the vote.

“It is not a question of inventing rights but of compiling in the same document what exists in French, European and canon law…” explains Véronique Margron. Because “some may, if not ignore them, at least think that it is not so important”, or that “in the name of religious life, we can get rid of them”.

The recommendations of five working groups which have worked since 2021 on various themes of religious life will also be voted on: governance, processing and reception of complaints for sexual assault, vocation, training, etc.

The approximately 300 leaders of Corref represent approximately 30.000 monks, nuns, brothers and sisters of the Church (i.e. 450 institutes or congregations). For its part, the Conference of Bishops of France (CEF) underlined on Monday its “determination to continue the fight against sexual violence committed in an ecclesial framework”.

While the Ciivise (independent commission on incest and sexual violence against children) has just submitted its report, the CEF affirmed in a press release "its mobilization" for "an ever greater awareness of this social fact major, especially within Christian families.

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