Saje distribution offers you gift ideas for Christmas


Every year, as the Christmas holidays approach, the same question comes up: what will we be able to offer our families? This year again, Saje Distribution invites you to discover new boxes that will delight young and old. Thanks to the SAJE+ platform, you can also offer a subscription, rental or online purchase.

Sage Distribution offers you several gift ideas for your loved ones for the Christmas holidays. Between the box sets and SAJE + subscriptions, discover the latest news. 

  • The Chosen season 3 box set. A first box set bringing together the 8 episodes of Season 3 on 3 DVDs, with the added bonus of a Bonus consisting of a blooper reel and a behind-the-scenes glimpse. This box set is a lovely gift to slip under the tree at Christmas, possibly accompanied by the box set which brings together Seasons 1 and 2. It is currently €18.
  • The special comedy box set. It brings together three DVDs (Everything But Not That, Welcome to Sicily and Please Marry Me) in a beautiful case for comedy lovers. These three light stories will make you laugh by the fire, thanks to endearing and colorful characters. Price: €28,49
  • The Holy Family box. For families, this box set of three DVDs (Heart of Father, Land of Mary and Heart Burning) is ideal. You will find three moving documentaries on the members of the Holy Family (Joseph, Mary, and Jesus), beautiful testimonies and stories of lives marked by the presence of the Lord. Price: €28,49

You will also find box sets from previous years, or even animated series for children with Superbook.

Make your choice on SAJE+ 

SAJE+, the new online platform, allows you to offer the subscription you want to your family. It is also possible to offer a film for rental or digital purchase. Prices range from €1 to €99 for the annual subscription. Don't hesitate to take a look at The platform, you will certainly find the ideal gift. 

Marie-Laure Liller

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