2021 retrospective: Lebanon


More than a year after the explosion in the port of Beirut that killed more than 200 people and left around 300 inhabitants homeless, Lebanon is sinking deeper into what Lebanese lawyer and writer Alexandre Najjar described as the most serious crisis in the history of contemporary Lebanon.

Invited on Europe 1 last October, he revealed the catastrophic situation currently facing the country of the Cedar. “It's really a disaster at all levels,” he said.

"Schools have very serious problems, hospitals lack everything, insulin is practically non-existent, pharmacies are practically empty, there is a food shortage of several products" he added before mentioning the shortage. gasoline, price inflation or even electricity problems.

In July, InfoChrétienne had already invested in the country in crisis as part of an operation entitled SOS Medicines for Lebanon. This operation, which took place over three weeks, aimed to mobilize the churches of France to come to the aid of our brothers and sisters in Lebanon who are facing a shortage of medicines.

Thanks to your donations and an incredible outpouring of solidarity throughout France, we were able to collect more than 10 bags of 30 kg which represents thousands of medicines !

Unfortunately the problem persists and in September, we relayed the call for help from Father Michel Abboud, president of Caritas Lebanon. He deplored the collapse of the health system in the country.

Urban artist the findings of a UNICEF report published on November 23, revealed that hundreds of thousands of children see their future threatened by the Lebanese crisis. The report notes an increase in the number of children "who are hungry, who have to work to support their families and who do not receive the health care they need".

In recent weeks, as part of a new mobilization campaign led by the association Un Verre d'Eau, we have continued to make you aware of the situation in the Pays du Cèdre. The organization aimed to change the fate of 10 Lebanese families through a donation campaign.

Discover several testimonials on the InfoChrétienne site, starting with that of Caroline and Marie-Noëlle. With their association, they come to the aid of the elderly who are not supported by the Lebanese government and whom they affectionately call their "old people". Also discover the action of the association Triumphant mercy who, throughout the recent history of Lebanon, has not ceased to do what she could to bless all those who were broken by life and war.

Or that of the members of the Tahaddi organization who try to meet the challenge of poverty in the heart of a slum.

Thanks to these contributions, and to the slam written by artist Meak, entitled "Say month Lebanon", you will be able to know a little more about the challenges facing the Lebanese people.

In France, Protestants are mobilizing to come to their aid. Indeed, Thursday November 11, five Lebanese families were welcomed by the Protestant Mutual Aid Federation. An approach which "is part of the long tradition of French Protestantism hospitality towards exiled people".

Let’s continue to pray and mobilize for Lebanon, they need us!

Camille Westphal Perrier

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