Reincarnation and salvation by works: Franklin Graham is offended by such a "lie"


Franklin Graham scandalized by the revelations of a poll conducted by a Christian university about the beliefs of pastors.

The Cultural Research Center at Arizona Christian University has revealed the results of a survey, conducted earlier this year, the American Worldview Inventory 2022. Asking 1 pastors about their beliefs, this survey revealed some unexpected things.

According to this survey, more than a third of the pastors questioned believe in particular that “reincarnation is a real possibility”, or that "a person who is generally good or who does enough good things for others can earn a place in heaven".

Reacting on Twitter, Franklin Graham denounced a “lie”.

“I don't know which 1 pastors this group surveyed, but the results are concerning. 000% of 'evangelical' pastors surveyed said there is no absolute moral truth and that 'each individual must determine their own truth'. What a lie. »

He asserts, "This kind of false teaching is what leads people and churches astray."

“The survey also indicated that 30% of evangelical pastors do not believe that their salvation is based on confessing their sins and accepting Jesus Christ as their Savior. This kind of false teaching is what leads people and churches astray. »

Billy Graham's son ends up saying that “the Bible is the Word of God, from cover to cover. This is the absolute truth, this is what counts, not our opinion”.


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