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If Pontius Pilate were nowadays prefect of a French department, he could repeat ad nauseam the famous sentence that as a man trained in skeptical philosophy he had said to Jesus (Jn 18,38). It started with a Director General of Health castigating the selfishness of those who wore masks, before a few weeks later these were strictly imposed everywhere, even outside. Then we had the huge media campaign in favor of the vaccine. We were told that getting vaccinated, even if you weren't at risk, was a civic act to be done absolutely, and those who refused it were horribly selfish.

Le Figaro has just published a truly extraordinary article, for a media often very close to the recommendations of major pharmaceutical companies. He dares to write: more and more researchers and doctors are judging the “vaccine for all” doctrine harshly. We know that vaccines have prevented serious forms in patients at risk, but it is now established that they have not stopped the transmission of the virus, contrary to what was hammered home at the start. Before confessing in conclusion: “The “altruistic vaccine” did not help much ».

These vaccines therefore absolutely do not prevent the transmission of the disease and today, an epistemologist and doctor of public health like Alice Desbiolles is sorry, Le Figaro tells us, about this strategy of " vaccine for all » almost obligatory, which was « very expensive and which has produced undesirable effects on certain subjects, such as cardiovascular complications, menstrual and fertility disorders, asthma. It will have taken all this time to conclude that the right vaccination strategy is the targeted vaccination of populations at risk and of course of those who wish it, as we do for the flu. ". And even : " the pandemic has caused the old rules in virology to be forgotten, when a vaccine had to meet much more rigorous criteria before it was administered to the entire population. They had to be 100% effective against the disease and its transmission, and without any adverse effects. ».

But the strongest is yet to comeLe Figaro dare to write that: Several epidemiologists point out that Didier Raoult was right to say that a vaccine which focuses on a single protein is doomed to lose its effectiveness because the strains mutate. » ; Yes, you read correctly, the banished, the renegade, Didier raoult was indeed right, at least on certain points. And the epidemiologists who say so point to German and Danish studies on cohorts of vaccinated patients which found that the multi-vaccinated were more likely to catch Covid. »

This would give reason to the researchers who had spoken of a possible effect of ADE (antibody dependent enhanced), where the action of a vaccine on the immune defenses strengthen the effect of the virus instead of weakening it. Thus, it is now accepted that vaccinating those under 30, and perhaps even those under 40, was absurd, given the inability of the vaccine to stop transmissions of the disease, but these vaccines at the effectiveness limited in time could, in addition, in certain cases accelerate the epidemic instead of curbing it!

In a normal country, the President of the Scientific Council should of course quickly go on the 20 p.m. television news to present his most sincere apologies to the population.. But on the other hand, we are showered on social media with messages, sometimes even from scientists, claiming that tens of thousands of people have died from vaccine-related side effects, equating all of the dead people after vaccination to dead people suites of the vaccine. The prize goes to this man who accuses the vaccine of having triggered Creutzfeldt-Jakob disease in his wife when the incubation time for this disease is at least several years! So we are in a situation where serious misinformation comes from the "system" as well as anti-systems.

We can thus see the difficulties in which the citizen finds himself who would like to have independent, serious and impartial information on the questions of COVID 19 and vaccines.. Were there really cases of death and not only cases of serious cardiomyopathies due to the RNA vaccine in France (no one is arguing that the Astra Zeneca vaccine killed several young people who unfortunately had no reason to be vaccinated)? Are there any effective COVID treatments whose impact has been overlooked for conflict of interest reasons? Is this virus of natural origin or did it escape from a lab? To all these questions and to many others, it is today not only impossible to have a valid answer, nor even, most often, to have objective elements either in one direction or the other. .

John Staune

This article is published from Selection of the day.

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