Some ways to stay connected to God throughout the day


The days go by and go by and when the week ends, we are not very proud to see that God has been eclipsed from his schedule! Here are some tips to help us stay in touch with God during our busy days.

Develop continual dialogue

To stay in touch with God on a daily basis, psychotherapist Manfred Engeli advises developing a continual dialogue with God, rather than waiting for an emergency to speak to him. At work, in the car, in the shower or in the laundry room: there are plenty of opportunities to maintain this dialogue! Whether you are happy, sad or angry, tell me how you feel.

A special moment with god

If possible, take a little time apart each day to meet God in depth and rejuvenate yourself. It's up to you to choose what time of day is most appropriate. The morning seems particularly adequate, as the mind is still free from various activities and concerns.


Too often, prayer is like a “shopping list”. It's not always easy to stay tuned without your thoughts wandering. It is therefore better to start with small moments of reflection, of meditation during which we gradually get used to silencing our thoughts.

A verse to accompany you

The Bible is a good way to hear what God wants to tell you. If you don't have much time, focus on a few verses that will accompany, encourage, and guide you throughout the day. You can also write these verses on post-it notes to leave in different places of the house: kitchen, office, etc.

Rebecca Piaget

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Article originally published in January 2022

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