Asia Bibi's first video interview: "There are people who took advantage of my name but I got nothing"


Asia Bibi reflects on her living conditions in Canada and challenges Pakistan on blasphemy laws in her first video interview.

Since being acquitted by the Supreme Court of Pakistan in 2018, Asia Bibi has lived in exile in Canada. She just participated in her first video interview.

Asia Bibi appeals to Pakistani government agencies.

“Protect the innocent instead of beating them in police stations. The innocent must be set free. Long sentences for accusations without evidence is a great injustice in our country. They do not understand the Bible or the Koran even after studying them. In the name of God, open your hearts to mercy. Pakistan is not just for Muslims. I feel angry when good Muslims are targeted for sympathizing with impoverished religious minorities. »

The one who has become the figurehead of the fight against blasphemy laws in Pakistan also looked back on her current life.

“There are people who took advantage of my name but I got nothing. Our community should have helped us. People think we've made a lot of money since we were granted asylum. The government only supported us for one year. Even my daughters couldn't study because of my situation, and today they face an uncertain future. My years of suffering have weakened us. My husband had gallbladder surgery in Pakistan, and he looked for work for four years. »

Asia Bibi has children who still live in Pakistan.


source: Vatican News

Image: Screenshot | Naya Daur TV

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