Pray for those who have insomnia problems

Pray for those who have insomnia problems

Because of war, the high cost of living, and a thousand other problems, anxiety is increasing in many people, causing an increase in insomnia.

You may be affected by this problem of insomnia; This day we will pray especially for you. God wants you to find the rest you need. We must still remember that, sometimes, it is our lifestyle habits that disrupt our sleep.

Other times, it is our material, family, or health concerns that trouble us. In China, sleep deprivation is used as a means of torture against Christians.

Let us pray that these words of the psalmist may be the lot of those who suffer from this evil:

“I lie down and sleep in peace, for you alone, O LORD, give me security in my dwelling.” (Psalms 4:8)

"Lord, we pray to you together, for all those who have a restless, disturbed sleep. Lord, may they find peace and security in you! May they lay at your feet the cares of life! May they receive this peace which allowed you to sleep in the boat battered by the storm! (Matthew 8:24). Lord, if a bad lifestyle is the cause of this problem, may they decide with your help to change their habits! We We pray especially for our brothers in the faith, who in China are tortured by sleep deprivation. Grant them special grace, in the name of Jesus, amen!”

With love,

Paul Calzada

Image credit: Shutterstock/New Africa

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