Pray for those who have a problem with anger

Pray for those who have a problem with anger

Do you ever get angry? It is a human experience that affects us all. Faced with certain situations, I did not know how to react correctly, I fell into the trap of impatience, irritation, and even anger.

I found myself in the same state as the apostle Paul in Athens:

“As Paul waited for them in Athens, he felt within himself his spirit grow angry at the sight of this city full of idols.” (Acts 17:16)

If sometimes the causes of irritation can be understood, often they only find their justification in our own frustrations. Today, I invite you to pray for all those, like me, who have been in such a situation, or are in it right now.

Personal prayer and the prayer of my friends helped me get out of this worry. This is why I am committed to helping those who are going through this painful experience tinged with a recurring feeling of failure. You are not alone, a cloud of intercessors is at your side.

“Lord, we pray that every child of God, prone to anger easily, will experience this miracle of renouncing anger as the psalmist says: “Renounce wrath, let go of wrath. Do not be angry, for it will only bring harm." (Psalm 36:8) 
We pray to you for all those who suffer from repeated failures in this area. May the Holy Spirit come and fill them with this fruit of patience and self-control, as it is written: “For the fruit of the Spirit is patience, self-control!” (Galatians 5:22)! In the name of Jesus, let them be freed from this worry of anger! Amen!”

With love,

Paul Calzada

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