Podcast of the More Than Sports Christian movement: finding the balance between integrity, volunteering and family when you are involved in a club

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The Décrassage team gives the floor to Christian Gnao-Guei, president of FC Saint-Louis Neuweg, to discuss his commitment and the values ​​of his semi-professional football club.

Released two weeks ago, this new episode of Décrassage, podcast of the Christian movement More Than Sports, focuses on the career of Christian Gnao-Guei, president of FC Saint-Louis Neuweg.

How to reinvent volunteering in a constantly changing world? Is self-sacrifice still in fashion? How to remain honest in an environment where excesses and administrative approximations are legion? What are the fundamental values ​​to infuse from the presidency to the management of the bar? How to keep your family balance while serving a sports club?

"FC Saint Louis Neuweg is important but it will never be more important than my son who is 8 years old. So if he has a plateau you can be sure that I will not be with you, because I will see my son. The child playing has to see that their parents are there. And I suspect that not everyone has had that. But we fight to try to do that." Christian Gnao Guei

So many exciting questions that the podcast columnists dust off and scrub with passion in this new episode to discover by clicking here

The testimony of Christian Gnao-Guei, president of FC Saint-Louis Neuweg, is to be discovered in full in this new episode hosted by Protin Nalké, former English teacher and sports history enthusiast and Joël Thibault, accredited sports chaplain. at the Olympic games. Scrubbing is available on YouTube, and in podcast (applepodcastSpotify et Deezer).

Jeremy Del Zotto

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