More than 1 in 2 Europeans fear falling into precariousness according to the Secours populaire français


The Secours populaire français has just published the results of its first European poll carried out with Ipsos, Observatory of poverty and precariousness.

The living conditions of many Europeans have deteriorated with soaring prices, the energy crisis and the consequences of the war in Ukraine, after two years marked by the health crisis.

The Secours populaire français has just published the results of its first European survey, Observatory of poverty and precariousness, to find out how it is perceived in Europe. To carry out this survey, Ipsos interviewed a representative sample of 6000 Europeans aged 18 and over by telephone in 6 countries: Germany, France, Greece, Italy, Poland and the United Kingdom.

The results reveal that a large number of Europeans are now faced with complicated choices due to a difficult financial situation: restricting their movements, not heating as they should, calling on the help of relatives or even combining several jobs. 62% of them claim to have already restricted their movements, 47% state that they have sometimes not turned on the heating at home when they were cold, while 34% state that they give up taking care of themselves when they have a health problem.

More than 1 in 2 Europeans are afraid of falling into precariousness (55%) and 2 in 3 Europeans say they no longer know which expenses to compromise on (64%). Concerns that are also found among European parents who fear not being able to meet the needs of their children, whether in terms of food, health or education.


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