Can we overcome winter fatigue?


"I feel grumpy, I sleep all the time, I am tired, I have no taste for anything…": how many of us are experiencing these symptoms at the end of the year? Here are some tips and reminders to help you get over the course.

Step 1 - Understand

Sometimes we know why we're tired: we work too much overtime, the kids have fifty activities, mom has cancer, or a thousand other reasons. But some suffer from being tired “for no reason”.

If a blood work revealed no thyroid dysfunction, no iron deficiency, and no other physical concerns, the fatigue may simply be related to the season. Indeed, winter is characterized by shorter days - therefore less available light - and rather low temperatures. This situation naturally has a physiological impact on our body.

Step 2 - Eat

Whatever the source of fatigue, eating a regular and balanced diet is absolutely essential.

Sweets and overly fatty dishes tire the body. On the other hand, fruits and vegetables, especially those rich in vitamin C, magnesium, or foods rich in iron, strengthen the body.

Also watch out for drinks! Few people realize that heating dehydrates and tires the body. In addition, herbal teas made from thyme or rosemary are known to give tone.

Step 3 - What about sleep?

Everyone knows that sleeping too little causes fatigue, but we often don't realize that sleeping irregularly can have the same effect.

In the first case, a 15-20 minute nap can provide relief.

In the second case, there may be a way to organize differently.

In both cases, nothing like a well oxygenated and poorly heated room. On condition of not brooding over the problems of the day or becoming anxious while anticipating the trials of tomorrow ... "Each day is enough its trouble" (Mat. 6:34).

Step 4 - Take care of your body

Daylight lamps and vitamin D are all the rage, but nothing can replace some very real sunlight.

If the working day is too long, why not go out at noon? If your village is overrun with altitude clouds or fog, go higher.

Make the most of every opportunity that allows you to "recharge your battery".

Moreover, if you can combine this natural light with a short walk of about twenty minutes, your body will thank you.

And for those who love sports, why not join a club or just go for a run with a girlfriend?

Step 5 - Relax

You can have few activities without being relaxed! And stress is tiring. Sometimes the rest goes through the box "sort out my priorities".

Perhaps you should give yourself the time to read a book, take the crafts out of the cardboard box at the back of the attic, play a board game, or enjoy the thermal baths in the area.

For others, it may be necessary to limit leisure time in order to have time to tidy up your home and thus to feel better and more relaxed ...

Mr. Baumann

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Article originally published in November 2021.

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