New fires in Egypt after a deadly fire in a church


Egyptian authorities have reported fires in several public places in recent days, a week after 41 worshipers died in a fire in the middle of a mass in Cairo.

Short circuits are not uncommon in Egypt, a country of 103 million inhabitants with often failing public infrastructure, but since the tragedy in the Cairo church, the authorities seem to want to communicate on the means deployed to extinguish the flames.

Many witnesses had accused the emergency services of having delayed and denounced security conditions that were little respected or non-existent during the fire at the Abou Sifine church in Imbaba, a densely populated working-class district of the capital, a megalopolis of more than 20 million. of inhabitants.

Sunday, while the Christians of Egypt, the Copts, celebrated the Assumption of the Virgin, a fire broke out in a monastery in the province of Assiut, in the center of the country, reports the governorate.

“The fire was controlled” and “the celebrations continued without incident” with thousands of participants, specifies its press release.

On Saturday, huge columns of smoke rose from one of the biggest shopping malls in Alexandria, the major city in the coastal north, causing concern a time before the fire was brought under control without causing any casualties, according to police sources.

This fire was born from a short circuit in restaurants inside the huge shopping complex, these sources told AFP.

Earlier in the week, a fire broke out in a church in Cairo on Monday, according to the Interior Ministry. Then Tuesday in a church in the province of Minya (center), according to the Ministry of Health.

These two fire starts did not cause any casualties.

On Wednesday, another had "eight minor injuries" in a Cairo hospital, according to the Ministry of Health.

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