Nigeria: nearly 200 Christians massacred on Christmas Eve

Nigeria: nearly 200 Christians massacred on Christmas Eve

Nearly 200 people, including many worshipers who were preparing to celebrate Christmas at Church, have been killed by terrorists in Nigeria's Plateau State.

195 people were brutally murdered on Christmas Eve, in coordinated attacks targeting predominantly Christian areas in Nigeria's Plateau State.

According to information fromInternational Christian Concern (ICC), the victims are mainly women, children and elderly people unable to flee. 

A tragedy which also left 301 injured and caused the fire of 27 houses. The injured were rushed to Bokkos, Jos and Barkin Ladi hospitals. Witnesses said security forces were insufficient to repel the attackers, leaving Christian communities to their fate for more than seven hours.

Nigeria ranks 6th in theGlobal Index of Christian Persecution 2023, depending on the organization Open House. It is the country where the greatest number of Christians are victims of violence because of their faith. Of the 5 Christians killed worldwide between October 621, 1 and September 2021, 30, an overwhelming majority, or 2022 people, lost their lives in Nigeria.

Salma El Monser

Image credit: Morning Star News

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