Death of a Coptic Christian, brutally attacked with a butcher's cleaver in Egypt


Abdullah Hosni, a Coptic Christian, did not survive being beaten with a butcher's cleaver in Egypt.

In Egypt, Abdullah Hosni, a Coptic Christian, was visiting his family on a motorbike when a man known to have repeatedly harassed Christians threw himself on him.

The assailant knocked him off his motorbike, then struck him with a butcher's cleaver. Taken to a hospital for treatment, he remained in intensive care for three days before dying from his injuries.

The Christian community is in shock. "A state of anger reigned among the Copts in the village, because the attacker, Abdullah Hosni, had attacked and always harassed Copts before, but no action was ever taken against him," said a report.

This drama comes a few days after the Grand Mufti of the Republic confirmed the Archbishop Arsanious Wadid's killer sentenced to death. The Coptic priest had been murdered in the street, on the Corniche in Alexandria.


Source: International Christian Concern

Image credit: / Pecold

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