Marseille: an evangelical church vandalized

Marseille: an evangelical church vandalized

Wednesday, June 28, the faithful and the pastor of the evangelical Protestant church Philadelphia in Marseille discovered their ransacked place of worship. A manifestly anti-Christian act as the inscriptions found in the premises suggest.

The prayer room destroyed, doors and windows fractured: this is the sad toll of the attack suffered by the evangelical church in Marseilles this week. In addition to this material damage, tags were discovered on the walls. "The last prophet is Mohamed" "Jesus is not God", degradations which leave little doubt about the anti-Christian nature of the action, as recalled by Romain Choisnet, director of communication at the CNEF :

The pastor of the church, member of the CNEF13, has already announced that he has filed a complaint. The CNEF announced its support and prayers for the church and its faithful.


Image credit: CNEF

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