Lord, reign over ALL the territories of my life!



Hello, “my life is a real building site, why? So what can I do? someone told me recently.

My first reaction was to think that we are all in one way or another under construction, in development, on the way, in construction, gradually transformed from glory to glory. But this friend was talking about another job, chaos and mess, lack of fulfillment and the resulting frustration when he looks at his life, even his life as a child of God.

I thought of my constant prayer: “Lord, reign over all the territories of my life. A prayer that you too can make: “Lord, reign over all the territories of my life, all the territories: my spirit, my body, my soul, my family, my life in the community, my friends, my work, my hobbies, all territories. »

Moreover, this thought is in the verse of the day, in 2 Corinthians 3.17, the Bible says this: “The Lord here is the Holy Spirit and when the Spirit of the Lord is present, freedom is there. There are two key words in this verse, two words I want to emphasize: Spirit with a capital "E", not the spirit of man, but the Spirit of God in man, sets him free , he lives, thinks and works according to the Holy Spirit in love and truth.

The other word is the verb "reign", that is to say the government of a sovereign. We know who this sovereign is, the Lord Jesus, king of the kingdom, of the kingdom of God who wants to rule my life and yours. The Spirit of God wants to possess all the territories of your life, all the fields and all the paths, he wants to govern your relationships, your projects, your future, your eternity. He wants this authority over the entire ecosystem of your life; ecosystem that it is also installed in you, through you and all around you, for you and for all those who come into contact with you.

gabriel alonso

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