Let us pray with those who are worried about failure

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Jesus promised that He would always be with us, but He did not promise that it would always be easy. The path we take in following the Lord sometimes involves failure, disappointment and discouragement.

This happened to me, as it happens to every disciple of Jesus. Think back to the disciples who fished all night without catching even the smallest fish!

Failure can become a stepping stone. As Nelson Mandela said: “I never lose, I either win or I learn.”

In the heart of failure this prayer will help you get up, get back on track, having learned.

“Lord, when my plans have failed, and my hopes have been disappointed, it is before you that I come to pour out my heart.

I know that you are always with me, and that you have a wonderful plan for my life.

When one door closes, you're going to open a better one.

I believe what your Word says: You make all things work together for my good.

Keep me from being discouraged when my efforts are in vain!

Keep me from having low self-esteem!

My value is not in my successes or in my failures, it is in you; you created me capable and intelligent.

While I see failure as a dead end, you see it as a path.

A path to learn, and to become better.

A path to depend on your supernatural power, and not on my carnal forces.

A path to experience how much I need you, by walking more by faith.

By your grace you raise me up, and you give me a good spirit.

Through your Spirit, you renew my physical, moral and spiritual strength.

My greatest victory is to continue to love you Father, and to follow my Savior and Lord Jesus Christ, whatever the situation in which I find myself." 

With love,

Paul Calzada

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