Pray for those who have reproductive concerns

Pray for those who have reproductive concerns

According to recent studies, infertility is increasing in France and in developed countries, but it is also affecting more and more couples in developing countries.

On average, one in ten couples face this problem. Some couples are in crisis because of this tragedy.

Others experience this situation as a curse. The Bible presents childbirth as a blessing. I recall two verses among many others:

“Children, these are the true family possessions, the reward that the Lord gives!” (Psalms 126:3)

Several barren women, mentioned in the Bible, prayed to be able to give birth, and they were granted.

Let us mention among them Sara, Rebecca, Rachel, Anne and Elizabeth. If God answered their prayer, today he can, in the same way, answer our prayer in favor of these couples suffering because of sterility.

"Lord, you who are the creator, the initiator of life, we want to pray for the people who suffer from not being able to give life. We pray to you that the couples demanding the intervention of God are in an attitude of peaceful faith; may all anxiety, worry, bitterness, doubt be removed from their hearts. We pray that you will show these people that you have a plan for their lives, and that they will find the path to their destiny, in the name of Jesus, amen!”

With love,

Paul Calzada

Image credit: Shutterstock/ Zigres

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